e yantra Lab

   Dept. of EEE conducted online Inauguration of e-yantra Lab on 01-03-2016 at LBRCE.

   4 Faculty of LBRCE attended e-Yantra Symposium-2016 at IIT Bombay on 11th and 12th April,2016.

    Department of EEE conducted "National Robotic Workshop cum Championship" in Association with EES-IITDelhi on 9th and 10th October,2015.

The Centre for Robotics Studies (CRS) is designed to foster inter disciplinary collaborations research among various branches in order to create and innovative sustainable technological solutions, capable of addressing many societal and environmental issues.
The director Dr. E. V. Prasad took special interest to see that a robotics center is set up in the college to aggrandize robotics importance in engineering studies. His tireless efforts and continuous support to the students has led to the establishment of CRS, which is the first student operated research laboratory in the college.
The Centre for Robotics Studies (CRS) is primarily concerned with

  1. Creating awareness among students on robotics and pique their interest in robotics studies.
  2. Giving hands on experience on latest technology and creating a platform for students to foster robotics research in the college.
  3. Promoting innovative ideas from students which are aimed at answering many challenges of the present society.

With these objectives in mind the center for robotics studies is currently focusing on the following research areas:

  1. Developing robotic platforms for disaster management and rescue operations.
  2. Automated systems for aiding the physically challenged.
  3. Voice recognition and voice operated robotic applications.

  Faculty Incharge:
    Sri.Y.Murali Krishna, Asst.Professor, EEE Dept.