• LBCE

Strategic Goals and Plans of the Institution 

College Advisory Board (CAB) after validating the progress of institution towards vision and mission, it has decided to set strategic goals as following. 
Strategic Goals: 
1. Ensuring good governance 
2. Establishing effective teaching learning process 
3. Developing leadership and participative administration 
4. Encouraging Research &Development and Innovation 
5. Strengthening of Industry –Institute interaction 
6. Developing incubation centre leading to entrepreneurship environment 
7. Ensuring quality parameters through Internal Quality Assurance System 8. Ensuring student’s development and active participation 
9. Ensuring staff development & welfare 
10. Increasing internal revenue generation 
11. Increasing Alumni Interaction 
12. Engaging in community services and extension activities 
13. Developing required physical infrastructure 
14. Effecting better utilization of financial resources 
15. Getting accreditations from statutory bodies