Dr.P.Lovaraju, Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering & Dean Academics, awarded the "WINNER with the prize money of INR 1,00,000/- in the Education Track" for presenting a paper in the "Hexagon MSC Virtual User Conference-2020" held during 2-3 December, 2020.  

External Funded Projects

Name of the Investigator:  Mr.Inturi Daskhina Murthy, Sr.Assistant Professor

Title of the Project:

Flow Characteristics of High-speed Co-flow Jets

Amount Sanctioned:

INR 4,30,000/- (Four Lakh Thirty Thousand Rupees)

Sanctioned Letter Details:

F. MRP-7049/16 (SERO/UGC) dated 6/3/2018

Status of the Project:


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