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LE&CE, State Board of Technical Education and Training, Hyderabad. 1986

BA, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. 1992

MBA, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad, 2000

M.Phil, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur. 2004

PhD, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur. 2009


JNTU-K ratified Assistant Professor since 18-07-2010

JNTU-K ratified Associate Professor since 22-11-2017

Assistant Engineer (Electronics), Ushodaya Publications Limited, Vijayawada. 21.07.1986 to 02.11.1994

Lecturer & Placement Officer, Maris Stella College (PG), Vijayawada. 16.07.2007 to 09.01.2010

Associate Professor - HR, Lakireddy Balireddy College of Engineering, 11.01.2010 to till date.

UGC - National Eligibility Test (Management). December 2012

UGC - National Eligibility Test (HRM). June 2013

Educational Leadership, NPTEL. 2017

Marketing Research and Analysis, NPTEL (Gold & Topper). 2017

Introduction to Research, NPTEL. 2018

Managing Services, NPTEL. 2018

Strategic Performance Management, NPTEL. 2018

Stress Management, NPTEL. 2018

Marketing Research and Analysis-II, NPTEL. 2019

Qualitative Research Methods and Research Writing, NPTEL. 2019

Blended Learning and Practice, Commonwealth of Learning and Athabasca University, Canada, July-August, 2020

NPTEL Exam Topper in ‘Marketing Research and Analysis’ (Elite+Gold), 2017.

Best Paper Award in the International Conference on SCOPE-2018, SPA, Vijayawada. 2018

Completed UGC sponsored minor research project of grant Rs. 1,70,000. 2020

DR. SRINIVAS LAKKOJU Work-Family Conflict: Gender Customised Support to Boost Faculty Satisfaction SCMS Journal of Indian Management 18 2 2021-06-30 (scopus)

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU Line and Staff HRD Climate Perceptions: A Comparative Analysis in SBI The Journal of Institute of Public Enterprise 38 1 & 2 2020-06-01 (ugc)

DR. SRINIVAS LAKKOJU Work-life satisfaction in academia: myth or reality? Decision (Official Journal of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta) 47 2 2020-04-25 ()

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU Vani Thamma Nirmala Deepika K B How good is employee welfare in Indian PSUs? Some empirical evidence Management Today 7 4 2017-12-25 ()

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU Chalam G V HRD climate in Indian banks: an urban rural comparison Indian Journal of Industrial Relations 52 4 2017-12-01 ()

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU Lakshmi Tirumala Ch Rank and gender based comparison of HRD sub-systems: a study among non-works executives in RINL-VSP Pravara Management Review 16 2 2017-06-01 ()

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU Importance-Performance Analysis of Service Quality in Higher Education: a case study Indian Journal of Industrial Relations 52 1 2016-03-01 (ugc)

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU R Jeya Lakshmi Factors influencing work-life balance of women educators: a case study Indian Journal of Industrial Relations 51 2 2015-06-01 (ugc)

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU Lakshmi Tirumala Ch HRD in Vizag Steel Plant: An Empirical Study Management Today 5 1 2015-03-01 (ugc)

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU An Empirical Analysis of Managerial and Non-Managerial HRD Climate Perceptions in SBI and KVB through Internal and External Comparison - A Case Study Conducted in Andhra Pradesh Decision (Official Journal of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta) 41 1 2014-06-30 (sci)

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU HRD climate in Indian banks: a comparison between SBI and KVB Indian Journal of Industrial Relations 50 2 2014-06-01 (ugc)

G V Chalam SRINIVAS LAKKOJU Gender-wise Perceptions and Attitudes on HRD Climate in Indian Banking Sector Indian Journal of Commerce 58 4 2005-12-01 (ugc)

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU Is research in India without glitches? Evidences of some corrupt practices International Conference on Scholarly Communication, Open-Access Publishing and Ethics (SCOPE-2018) 1 978-93-875939-2-3 2018-10-26 (OpenAccess)

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU An assessment of HRD systems by rank and gender: a case study 3rd International Conference on HRM 1 197 2016-03-11 (OpenAccess)

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU Importance-Performance Analysis of Service Quality in Higher Education: a case study International Conference on ‘Research for Resurgence\' 1 197 2016-02-11 (OpenAccess)

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU G V Chalam Perspectives on Changing Nature of HRM in Indian Banks: A Reports Based Study National Seminar on ‘Changing Scenario of Human Resources in India 1 978-93-5097-124-6 2012-10-18 (OpenAccess)

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU The Four Facets of Campus Placements – A Study on Women Placements in Management Education National Seminar on ‘Students Placements – Problems and Issues in the Changing Environment 1 197 2009-01-22 (OpenAccess)

SRINIVAS LAKKOJU Human Resource Development Practices in Indian Banking Sector-An Analysis National Seminar on ‘Emerging India – Challenges and Opportunities 1 81-8356-048-2 2004-03-11 (OpenAccess)

Investigator: DR. SRINIVAS LAKKOJU, Proposal Submitted on: 2020-09-25, Project Sanctioned on: 2018-03-05, Project Completed by: 2020-09-25, Funding Agency: UGC-SERO, Duration of the Project: TWO YEARS, Amount Sanctioned: Rs. 1,70,000

Training for Postgraduate Teachers in Management, Department of Commerce and Business Administration, Acharya Nagarjuna University. 2007.

FDP on “Promulgate and Collate: How to glorify research works”, Organised by SMS, JNTU, Kakinada. 2010

Academic Counsellors Training-Online (ACT-Online), IGNOU, New Delhi. 2011

Workshop on “Outcome-based Education” organised by LBRCE. 2017.

FDP on “Paradigms of Education – Role of a teacher and Reflective teaching” organised by SMS, LBRCE. 2018.

Life Member, Indian Commerce Association (ICA) - No. AP379

Life Member, National Human Resource Development Network (NHRDN) - No. L/VJW/50336/012013

Life Member, National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM) - No. L 32271