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Assistant Professor



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Email: kalyank789@gmail.com

Professional Activities


completed MBA from JNTUK in 2012 with 75% aggregate


2015-till date working as assistant professor in LBRCE

2014-2015 worked as assistant professor in KBN college

2013-2014 worked as assistant professor in GEC

2012-2013worked as Assistant Professor in school of Management studies

completed 2 NPTEL courses

KALYAN KUMAR BETHU International Journal of recent engineering and research and development the upswings of indian stock markets-a comparitive study 03 09 2018-09-09 (ugc)

Workshop on The dimensions and strategies of perpetual transition management (MALLAREDYY HYDERABAD) 2018-2019

FDP on Pedagogy techniques for effective teaching and learning (LBRCE)(2018-2019

FDP on paradigms of education-role of a teacher and reflective teaching (LBRCE)2018-2019

Seminar on how to write and publish a research paper (narayana engineering college Nellore )2018-2019

seminar on Outcome Based Education LBRCE 2017-2018

A Webinar Mode of internship in management course during covid-19 scenario, organised by MBA department LBRCE on 31-05-2020

A Webinar on Management education –post Covid organised by MBA department LBRCE on 26-05-2020

A FDP on ICT tools and innovative practices in education organised by department of CSE ,Vikas collge on 10-06-2020

A webinar on Challenges And Opportunities For Students In Present Covid scenario and choosing MBA specialization based on aptitude Organised By MLR college on 18-06-2020

4 days FDP on Research, Funding projects and IPR organised by K.C. college Mumbai on 7-05-2020 to 10-05-2020

4 days workshop on Resurgence of Entrepreneurship and start-up at Indian glance organised by Institutions, Innovation council on 25-05-2020 to 28-05-2020

A webinar on virtual classroom Management using Microsoft teams organised by LBRCE on 11-05-2020

A webinar on Indian financial markets impact of Covid-19 Lock down organised by Narayana engineering college on 04-06-2020.

FDP on plagiarism free Research report writing organised by QIS college on 08-06-2020

A webinar priority of incubation centres in higher education Institutions organised by LBRCE on 09-06-2020.

3 days workshop on Reference management tools and online citation data base organised by Indian academic Researchers Association on 19-04-2020 to 21-04-2020.

A webinar on Macro Economic scenario....Changing dynamics organised by TSWRDCW on 06-06-2020

One week FDP on Critical thinking and innovation organised by IARA Tamilnadu held on 22nd to 28th April 2020.

A webinar on overview of Intellectual property Rights organised by ACET on 09-06-2020

Six days FDP on discovering statistics using R organised by KBN collge on 15th to 20th June 2020

A webinar on Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Economy Organised by Sir C.R Reddy college on 16-05-2020

One week FDP on Innovation to academicians organised by NSTEDB from 11-05-2020 to 16-05-2020

5 days FDP on universal human values and professional ethics organised by chebrolu engineering collge on 13-05-2020 to 17-05-2020

3 days FDP on New challenges in business management organised by Andhra Loyola college on 08-06-2020b to 10-06-2020

One week Faculty development on Research Methodology ,Organised by Krishna University from 12-10-2020 to 19-10-2020

2 days workshop on modern methods for teaching- Learning practices organised by Krishna University held on 12-05-2020 to 13-05-2020.

FDP on GST using Tally Release 6.6 Organised By P.BSidhardha on 15-05-2020.

27. 5 days workshop on Pedagogy Techniques for effective Teaching-Learning, Organised by LBRCE on 08-06-2020 to 12-06-2020.