National workshop on smart Grids

National Workshop
Smart Electric Grids

Dr S.S.(Mani) Venkata ,

on 2oth December, 2010.

Organised By Electrical & Electronics Engineering Dept.

LBRCE has conducted a one-day workshop on Smart Electric Grids on December 20, 2010 in the department of EEE with eminent academician and emeritus professor at Washington University, Seattle USA, Dr S.S.(Mani) Venkata as resource person. Smart Electric Grids is a topic of research in Electrical Engineering hotly persuaded now to improve the reliability and quality of the electrical energy received by the customer through a two way communication between the customer and supplier. The smart grid technology is necessitated by the fact that a large number of small power producers, with conventional diesel generator and renewable sources like solar, wind and biomass, entered the power sector. The workshop is attended by the teachers and students of different other colleges and are immensely benefitted. Also present during lecture sessions are the director of the institution Dr.L.S.S.Reddy, president of LBRCT Sri G.Srinivasa Reddy, director (Infrastructure) Sri K.Timma Reddy Dean, R&D Dr.G.Kesava Rao and HOD Dr.Y.P.Obulesh.
Dr. Venkata interacted with the students and faculty of LBRCE separately on the following day and explained about the research opportunities in USA for Indian engineers and also on possible joint research programmes which benefit India and USA

No. of external student participants attended: 28
No. of external student participants attended: 05