Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering

Technical Training

About Us:

   Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering (Autonomous) Technical Training Team was initated by Honourable President-LBRCT, Mr. G. Srinivasa Reddy & respected Principal Dr. K. Apparao along with the Head of the Departments CSE, IT & MCA in the year 2018.
   The training at Technical Training Team is not just like normal classroom sessions. The training is completely industry oriented and interview oriented. During the initial days of training itself, students will get the confidence that they can get through any difficult interview or any tough job. All the concepts will be taught with real time examples and in an easily understandable way.


   To enrich the knowledge & skill set of students by providing the quality technical training to all and boost their confidence levels to get placed in MNCs across the globe by value added training in the areas of Problem-Solving using different Programming languages, and also in Web Technologies, AWS Cloud Foundations, CISCO, Red Hat, etc...

Teaching Learning Methodologies and Learning Platforms:

  1. All the technical training faculty members are using modern ICT tools to deliver lectures to the students.
  2. Topic wise Online MCQ test will be conducted to understand student’s theoretical knowledge about the concepts.
  3. Number of free open-source online website links were provided to the students to improve their problem-solving skills and theoretical knowledge in the respective courses. Some of them are:
  4. We are using separate third-party platform called “E-BOX” to monitor and analyse student learning activities, their day-to-day performance in the given / allocated course.

What to learn in the programming to get the placement opportunities in Software Companies?

   It doesn’t matter whether it is JAVA or C++ or Python. For placements, every student need to be strong in below theoretical and problem-solving skills:

  1. Programming Language Fundamentals (C / C++ / JAVA / Python)
  2. OOPs
  3. Data structures and Algorithms
  4. Database Management System
  5. OS fundamentals
  6. Web UI (HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript)
  7. One language in which you are good at writing code C / C++ / JAVA / Python
  8. Problem solving skills (Number, Array, Strings, Patterns, Math, Matrix, Recursion)