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News & Events of the Department

A.Y 2020-21


Report On Role of Business Analytics in Professional Growth on 30-01-2021.

Report On Lifestyle Management in the present era of Covid-19 on 08-08-2020.

Report On on Idea to innovate & Filing Patent Conducted on 27-11-2020.

Report On Role of SEBI in Indian Economy in present Covid-19 Scenario Conducted by Espirit Club on 26-11-2020.

Report On Training on Advance Excel from 26.11.2020 to 28-11-2020.

Report On Training on Tally with GST Conducted from 23.12.2020 to 29-12-2020.




A.Y 2019-20

A Report on Extempore activity in department on 10.09.2019.

A Report on Management Day celebrations.

A report on Ideation Fest conducted on 24.07.2019

A report on Orientation Programme by IIE Cell conducted on 22.07.2019

A report on Gurupoornima celebrations in department on 16.07.2019

A report on Workshop by IIE Cell conducted on 11.07.2019

Webinar by Professor. G V ChalamOn “Mode of Internship in Management Course during Present Covid-19 Scenario” on 31.05.2020.

Webinar by Dr.PNarayana Reddy on “Management Education Post Covid-19” on 26.05.2020.

A report on Alumni interaction in department on 09.01.2019

A Report On National Awareness Programme by MBA Department on “know your nation: Economy, Education, Employement” by Professor Md. Massod on 29.11.2019.

A Report on Seminar by MBA Department on “Challenges of Millennium Managers” by Sri V Sachidanandam on 28.11.2019.

Alumni Meeting was conducted on 07-12-2019

Alumni Meeting was conducted on 28-11-2019

MBA Department organized National Awareness Programme on “Know Your Nation: Economy,Education, & Employment” on 29.11.2019 by Professor Mohammad Masood Ahmad, Former President of AIMS.

MBA Department conducted seminar on “Challenges of Millennium Managers” on 28.11.2019 by Sri V Sachidanandam, Former General Manager-Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL).

A Guest Lecture on the role of SEBI in the Indian securities market) on 22-07-2019.

A Guest Lecture on the role of SEBI in the Indian securities market) on 22-07-2019.

A.Y 2018-19

A report on seminar on RIGHT TO INFORMATION (RTI) on 23-08-2018.

A report on Teacher’s Day celebrations held on 05-09-2018.

A report inaugural function of “Espirit Club” (department club) on 23-08-2018.

A report on Business plan activity organized by department club on 29-08-2018.

A report on B-Quiz activity organized by department club on 04-09-2018.

A report on industrial visit to Coca- Cola on 02-08-2018.

Students organized “GURU POORNIMA” on 27-07-2018.

A Two Day Faculty Development Programme on Paradigms of Education: Role of a Teacher and Reflective Teaching 17th &18th JULY 2018 in association with AIMS

Guest Lecture Conducted On “My Dream for My Life” On 17-07-2018.

Guest Lecture Conducted On “Passion For My Life ” On 17-07-2018.

A.Y 2017-18

Farewell Day Celebration Were Organized On 28/03/2018

Industrial Visit to M/S KCP Sugars & Industries Limited, Vyyuru on 17.03.2018

Training and development programme on Soft Skill Development on 10-02-2018 .

A workshop on “ Advanced Excel” during 06-02-2018 & 07-02-2018 by Right Computers.

Competitions Conducted on 13th & 14th 2017 November in Girls High School, Mylavaram on the eve of Children’s day celebrations.

Conducted a Seminar “on TQM & Employability Skills during 06-10-17 by Sri.R.Prabhakaran

National Technical and Cultural Fest “ LAKSHYA 2K17” Conducted on 15-09-2017

Celebrated Fresher’s day on 09-09-2017.

Students celebrated teacher’s day on 05-09-17.

Conducted a Seminar on Entrepreneurship awareness programme during 06-09-17 to 08-09-17 .

‘Industrial Visit’ to JOCIL Pvt Limited, Guntur On 15.07.2017.

A.Y 2016-17

Farewell Day Celebration Were Organized On 13/04/2017

Training programme was conducted on “communication, soft skills and aptitude” from March 01-03-2017 TO 07-03-2017.

A seminar on Job opportunities in Financial Markets by on 30/03/2017.

Alumni Meeting was conducted on 11-02-2017

A Seminar on Job opportunities for MBA students and Skill Development for MBAs by Smart Steps Training Institute.

Personality Development Seminar on Soft Skill Development by on 21/01/2017.

Training on Excel for two days by Right Computers Organisation during 28-01-2017.

Campus Recruitment Training for MBA IV sem students was organized by BDPS from 19/12/2016 To 24/12/2016 on Tally & Excel

 A Seminar was organized in SMS Department. On “Career awareness on company secretary Course” on 27/12/2016.

A seminar was organised during afternoon session on Equity, Security and Stock Investment on 27-12-2016.

NSS programme was conducted at pondugola government school on 12/11/16 and 14/11/16.

National Technical and Cultural Fest “ LAKSHYA 2K16” Conducted on 01-10-2016.

Three- day workshop on“Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme” was held from 27-10-16 to 29-10-16.

Interaction programme conducted on 21-09-2016.

Pledge made on “National Peace Day” on September 14 -2016.

Teachers day was celebrated on 5-09-16.

Fresher’s day celebration organised on 14/07/2016.

‘Industrial Visit’ To M/S KCP Sugars & Industries Limited,CHALLAPALI On 21.01.2016.

A.Y 2015-16

Farewell day celebration on 02-04-2016.

Industrial visit to Hindustan Co-Co Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd on 22-03-2016.

Organized A Quiz on current affairs (19/02/2016) for all B.Tech Students on the eve of management day .

Organized a Management Day on 20/02/2016.

Conducted an External Examination of (IEO) Indian Engineering Olympiad on 21/02/2016.

 Fresher’s day Celebrated on 16-09-2015.

 National Technical and Cultural Fest “ LAKSHYA 2K15” Conducted on 19-09-15.

 A Seminar was organized on Human Resource Management and its significance in Organisational and Economical Development on 25-01-2016.

 A seminar on “Ethical and Moral Values in Business Operations” on 24-09-2015.

 On 12-08-15 NSS of School of Management Studies of Organized Elocution Competition on the eve of International Youth Day on Leadership Skills.

 On 14-08-15 NSS of School of Management Studies of Organized Elocution Competition on the eve of Independence Day on Role of Freedom Fighters.

 On 20-08-15 School of Management Studies observed “Sadbhavana Day Pledge” along with honourable Director and all Staff Members Department.

 On 21-08-15 NSS of School of Management Studies of Organized Poster Presentation Competition on “Save Girl Child & Globalization.

 Organized Seminar on Entrepreneurship Awareness on 13-08-2015.

 Conducted Guest Lecture on awareness on entrepreneurship on 19-08-2015

 Farewell Party Celebration On 04-07-2015.

 The industrial Visit was organized on 25-07-2015.