R&D Promotion Policy

The following initiatives are suggested by the Governing Body/IQAC to sensitize/promote research climate in the institution.

Autonomy to the principal investigator

The Principal investigators who were sanctioned projects from various funding agencies like DST, UGC, AICTE, MHRD etc., are given full autonomy in executing the project as per the guidelines of the funding organizations and also provides matching grants, if required.

Timely availability or release of resources
Principal maintains separate accounts to each project sanctioned by external agencies and institute provides all facilities and maintains timely release of project funds for completion of the project. 

Adequate infrastructure
The departments have established research labs with necessary software and computing facilities to carryout research projects.  College recruited senior faculty possessing Ph.D. degree who are competent to take up and execute research projects.  Central library facilities are enhanced up dating with online national and International reputed journals, digital sources, hand books, reference books and material related to research activity.

Time-off, reduced teaching load, special leave etc. to teachers
Faculty members working on major research projects are given the facility of reduced teaching work load in addition to sanctioning academic leave for attending the workshops/seminars relevant to their research projects and associated works. Cash incentives are introduced to faculty publishing papers in reputed journals and getting research projects.

Budget allocation for Research & Development
The college make budget provisions to procure necessary equipment for experimental projects, travel support for faculty attending conferences, internal funding, subscribes research journals up to date to strengthen the library, reference books and text books.

Support in terms of  technology and information needs
The institute/department encourages the students and faculty to utilize the advanced research laboratories like NI, MEMS, GET-C, MS Innovation Centre and other facilities viz., library, computer centre and software tools for carrying out their academic/research projects and also provides facility for obtaining the necessary information and technology from external sources.

Facilitate timely auditing and submission of utilization certificate to the funding authorities
After completion of project by the principal investigator, the college arranges for auditing; assists in obtaining the utilization certificate for submission to the respective funding authority.

Any other 
The college invites scientists, eminent professors and reputed researchers to share their experiences with faculty which enhance the research culture in the campus