The Women’s Grievance & Empowerment Cell which is also called Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) is reconstituted on 19th June 2017.

The committee is required to review periodically the empowerment & awareness programmes of women faculty, staff and girl students of the college for enhancing their role adopting specific strategies in achieving upward mobility. Saheli-The Girls Club is a students’ club, which is associated with this committee aims at upliftment of women and girl students. It plans for diversified social and economic activities involving women.

          The committee is also required to redress the grievances of the women faculty, staff and girl students of the college by analyzing, scrutinizing and making proper enquiries. Periodically the reports shall be submitted to the Principal/ Management for his/their perusal and to initiate necessary action.


  • Any aggrieved woman/girl may make, in writing, a complaint of sexual harassment within the campus to the Internal Committee immediately.
  •  The Internal Committee before initiating an enquiry and at the request of the aggrieved woman take steps to settle the matter between her and the respondent through conciliation (provided that no monetary settlement shall be made as a basis of conciliation) 
  • Where a settlement has been arrived, the Internal Committee, shall record the settlement so arrived and forward the same to the employer to take action as specified in the recommendation.
  • The Internal Committee, shall provide the copies of the settlement as recorded to the aggrieved woman and the respondents.
  •  Where a settlement is arrived, no further inquiry shall be conducted by the Internal Committee.
  • The Internal Committee, shall, Where the respondent is employee, proceed to make inquiry into the complaint in accordance with the provisions of the service rules applicable to the respondents.
  • For the purpose of making an inquiry , the Internal Committee shall have the same powers as are vested in a civil court under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 (5 of 1908) when trying a suit in respect of the following matters:  Summoning and enforcing the attendance of any person and examining him/her on oath. 
  Any type of Grievances can be posted at and

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SAHELI-THE GIRLS CLUB is a students’ club dedicated for upliftment of women and girl students. It aims at diversified social and economic activities involving women.

We envision a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams through Inspiration and Motivation.

  • To empower women and girls in academia through imparting educational, awareness training programmes 
  • To strengthen them towards leadership and self motivation. 
  • To make them confident and competent individuals in career and life.

    • The Girls club undertakes activities in the following fields with the objective of empowering women: Girl & Women education Health awareness Vocational training Leadership development Promote entrepreneurship Women’s rights enforcement Self-defense training and Awareness on Legal and Institutional provisions to fight atrocities on women
    Arranging Seminars on women rights & security Student competitions on women empowerment Regular upload of articles related to girl & women achievements on notice board Sharing success stories of women entrepreneurs Arranging Job oriented vocational trainings for women Motivating woman to participate in political & public life


    At least one activity per month by each Department